Quick Knot WINNER of Horses Product of the Year 2017!!!

APELDOORN – Tonight was the award ceremony of Horses Product of the Year 2017 at the Van derValk’s Cantharel in Apeldoorn. There 11 different categories with in total 79 competitors !!
It was nice to hear from the president of the judge that they were very surprised this year by the high standerd of the INNOVATION of the nominated products. And it was very rewarding to hear that our 
product Quick Knot was named as the first product which they announced as REAL NEW smart product
useable for the whole horse branche!!
Also we were nr 1 with the “audience”, so hereby we would like to thank the voters as well!!
Beside WINNING the Horses product of the year, we are also nominated along with 2 other companies out of the 79  for best company of the year. Unfortunately we became nr 2, which is actually very good for an 6 months old company.

Underneath you’ll find some pictures of the award ceremony.


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